The type of place/situation where CLEARING THE AIR may have been enjoyed by people just like these reviewers.

Hilarious, very much relate to this! – Howard Young

This podcast is genuinely funny. Within the first minute I was already laughing out loud, getting some weird looks from people nearby. I have listened to a lot of “comedy” podcasts but nothing that constantly makes me chuckle like this does. Everything about it is genius- the writing, the character, the audio itself… well done ‘Claudette Bewley’ you are my new hero! – Shelly Smith

Very funny, love it! – Peter Labrow

Hilarious – comedy gold! – Claire Grainger

Brilliantly funny! I could listen to Claudette Bewley all day (providing she’s not talking to or about me). – Luke McPeake

Love it! So brilliantly observed, and so true my experience. Painfully so. Was doing LOLs on the train! Her voice is fantastic, the haughtiness, the passive agressiveness. And the accent and impediment! Lots of little touches that really makes it ridiculous and perfectly believable at the same time. Good work. – Simon Galloway